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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences for Secondary Social Studies Teachers






Lectures, discussions, word games, choral reading, journal writing, historical research, --- Read about it, write about it, listen to it

Books, tape recordings, primary source documents, artifacts

Essays, written reports, newspaper and magazine articles, speeches, oral reports, journals, diaries, Historic literature, poetry, debate

Logical Mathematical

Brain teasers, problem solving, science experiments, mental calculation, number games, critical thinking, cause/effect, -Quantify it, think critically about it, conceptualize it, hypothesize its uses

Calculators, math manipulatives, science equipment, math games, primary source documents (census records)

Time lines, computer data bases of statistics, cost analysis, percentages, advantages/disadvantages, inquiry lessons, surveys


Visual presentations, art activities, imagination games, mind-mapping, metaphor, visualization, video, film --See it, draw it, visualize it, color it, map it

Graphs, maps, videos, block sets, art materials, slides, prints, posters, camera, artifacts, Atlas, Almanac

Cultural maps, physical maps, Photo Essay, Video, Organizational charts, political cartoons

Bodily Kinesthetic

Hands-on learning, drama, dance, tactile activities, sports that teach --- Build it, act it out, , get a "gut" feeling, dance it, excavate it

Building tools, clay, sports equipment, manipulatives, tactile learning resources, excavation tools, artifacts

Build a model, role plays, skits, demonstrations, fieldtrips, board games, flip shutes, electroboards, body action wall and floor games, craft projects, archaeology excavations


Super learning, rapping, songs that teach --- Sing it, Listen to it

Tape recordings, Musical instruments, CD's, sheet music, lyrics

Compose songs or lyrics to a piece of music based on history, create historic discographies, musical performances


Cooperative Learning, peer tutoring, community involvement, social gatherings --- Teach it, collaborate on it, interact with it

Board games, party supplies, role playing props, guest speakers

Oral Interviews, simulations, group projects, peer tutoring, mock trials, fieldtrips, historical empathy, case studies, jigsaw activities, brainstorming, team learning


Individualized instruction, independent study, self-esteem building --- Connect it to your personal life, making choices, value clarification

Self-checking materials, journals, project materials, textbook, literature

Genealogy, create historical diaries, scrapbooks, journals, self-designed projects, learning centers, textbook activities, personal histories, tutorials, drill and practice, task cards, Contract Activity Packages